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  • Copywriting Hacks That Will Double Your Conversions

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  • Trent

    July 10, 2021 at 10:08 am

    Copywriting is essential for your business to survive online and reach success. And it’s not an easy task. But one which can make you money if you master it properly. You probably already know what copywriting is and what it’s used for, but if not, here’s a quick primer: Copywriting is the art of writing content, such as headlines, meta descriptions, copy and even images to help others understand what your project is all about. Copy is the written content on your website, blog, email, landing pages, ads, product pages and all other forms of written content on your site. Your copywriting should be easily read and have a good flow of writing. It should be like a conversation with your customers. They will come to your site to find answers to questions they have, not to be sold to. If your copywriting doesn’t make people feel like they are sitting in a conversation with you, then they will immediately start to leave. Your copy has to answer the customer’s questions (or at least address the problems they are facing) and make them want to come back. Once you do that, the next step is to optimize the copy. That means, you will have to create content for each page and each element of your site. So for example, if your site has a new product launch, you will have to create copy for your product landing page, home page, a blog post, your product page, and your email newsletter. This is why you need a content strategy. You have to write, optimize, test, and repeat until your website is fully optimized. If you do that, your traffic will start increasing! So, how do you create a sales copy? Writing sales copy is a skill every entrepreneur should learn. It is one of the core skills needed to build an online business. There are a lot of different opinions about how sales copy should be written. Some people believe that it is a bad thing if your sales copy is too short, but not really. If your sales copy is too long, people will not read it. They will simply scroll down. When writing sales copy, you have to focus on your customer. How do you help your customer? When does your customer need to buy from you? If you are creating sales copy for a free webinar, you have to talk about how your customer can use your product. If you are creating sales copy for a product launch, you have to talk about how your customer benefits. And one more thing: you should always be testing and changing. There is no point in writing sales copy if it is not helping your audience. If your sales copy is making people leave your page or not converting, you have to change it. Sales copy is about understanding your customer and then telling them what they need to hear to get the sale. You cannot understand your customers if you do not talk to them. You can just speak, but you have to take in the information from what your customer gives you. There are different ways you can do it, and there are different methods, but the most important thing to do is to be consistent. Sales copy should be the same in all your pages. One page shouldn’t have different copy, just like you can’t write the same post in different formats. When writing sales copy, I recommend doing some keyword research. What are people looking for on your page? What words are they using to search for your product or service? Can you do some variations of these words? Then you can use the information you find to make sure your sales copy is written to help people, not to make them hate your page. I hope this helps! If you are looking for a copywriting for your business or project, send me an inbox to start working together :). – by /hq/Luisvzoa – –

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