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  • Cpanel Apache Configurations for Better WordPress Performance?

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  • SharonP

    September 25, 2021 at 3:53 am

    Greetings, I’m wondering what configurations you guys use on server side and within PHP options to get a better WordPress performance? ​ So far I have discovered these following options which should probably be used : ​ APCU OPcache Brotli Memcache Memcached ​ I’ve also discovered and read about Varnish. What do you need in order to get it running properly? ​ In most cases I use the Free Cloudflare plan and I believe it has its own Brotli option. Would the server side Brotli option provide further help? Some shared hosts do not have opcache and similar options available to turn on – I assume contacting them and asking them about it would make them available (they should be by default as far as I have come to understand from my research). ​ If OPcache and APCU are activated and used – would they work well with WP Rocket? If Memcache and Memcached are activated – what plugin do I need to get the most out of them? I believe that WP Rocket does nothing in regards to memcache. I have also read about security issues in regards to memcache : Should the hosting provider be the one to secure its configuration? ​ What else can you ask of your hosting provider in order to speed us site performance? ​ Thank you for all your comments and help! – by /hq/Tosej – –

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