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  • Maverick

    October 29, 2019 at 4:32 am

    So a little background info before the proposal. Before Facebook, the internet was largely distributed, each website had its own forum, they were in charge of their own data, it was much more personalised, after that the age of “Walled gardens” started, with Facebook, Twitter and other services. Then came hq overview which absolutely destroyed any existing small forums, (why go to a small site nobody knows when you could go to a giant site with 100% uptime, a connected community and a way to acess everything from one website?). So a solution is having a service to use everthing from one website/locally hosted app etc. Another solution is implementing the activitypub protocol to bridge the gap, decentralize and allow cross server communication (check out Mastodan, Lemmy etc) but I highly doubt many forum operators will do that. So mabye with a locally hosted application (not a website or else they might steal all your info), which can access all sites using the activitypub standard and also using custom access tokens etc (to use hq overview, Voat, quora etc) to browse (90% of forums from one place) we could limit one site’s superiority and monopolies over others. – by hq overview crypticmessage89 – –

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