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  • Maverick

    October 29, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    Good day, everyone/ I’m looking to find out if there are any solutions available for legitimate cross site scripting. Now what is it that I’m talking about? We are slowly building up our dedicated entertainment platform. We post game-play and commentary videos and we want to make sure that when our posts are shared, they show up as proper Twitter cards. Twitter has a tool for validating twitter cards. Twitter cards look like this: ​ Essentially if you code twitter meta tags into your page, you can supply the title, large thumbnail and short description, among other things and when you or someone posts that page link to twitter, instead of a dinky text link or a tiny generic embed box, you get this beautiful large thumbnail with a nice title, website link and description. The only problem is that each new page needs to be manually verified using Twitters Card validator tool. If you have 200 pages, you gotta validate all of them yourself. They do not offer this option in their api, you quite literally have to do it yourself. Every time we post a new video, we have to go to that twitter tool and verify the card ourselves. Now currently my main go-to solution to getting this automated is to set up a small mini PC that would run python and selenium in the background. It would ping out website on a specific page which would spew out URL links of newly – pages. The python app will then launch selenium and go to twitter card validation page. It will insert the links that need to be validated and submit them automatically. I’m just wondering if there’s a simpler way already out there before I start making my own dedicated server for the job. I could always use a raspberry pi, if it’s modern enough. – by hq overview TheConceptBoy – –

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