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  • Custom mime type for duplicate handling of same data

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  • BusinessMag

    November 24, 2022 at 3:48 pm

    Sorry for the dumb question but how can I use custom mime type to load two different applications? Lets use a media player for example, I know I can set my href to be udp://@ and right now my OS says, hey thats VLC, use that application. But lets say I want to have the option to open vlc, or open mplayer, is there a way to handle that? I was thinking to have two icons the user can click one is for vlc and one is for mplayer or whatever, I know I can use custom href to be what ever I want, like vlc://udp://@, and I can tell my OS that URL is for VLC, but then the referring URL is incorrect and not supported by vlc “vlc://udp://@” will not work in vlc, but udp://@ will work, but I can’t associate udp://@ to two different applications. Get what I am trying to do? – by /hq/itwasntme2013 – –

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