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  • Dealing with flaky vendor [MA]

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  • Charles

    September 30, 2019 at 12:32 am

    Hey everyone, I make a product for businesses that always sells best when it’s on a nice display. So I commission a couple woodworkers to create a custom display for my accounts including my account’s logo and whatnot. Unfortunately they’re weird when it comes to costs & invoicing. They don’t seem to have their act together in the finance and costs department, so there always seems to be a surprise cost when it comes time for me to pay the agreed upon cost. They don’t always provide the display the proper way either. So I finally gave them a set budget to work with, and now they’ve decided to start charging sales tax on top of the agreed upon total budget, when there was never any sales tax collected before. I’m tired of them not having their shit together and making me pay for it, but they’re the only ones capable of making the displays I need outside of myself, and I don’t have the time to make them. What should I do in order to put my foot down? Part of me wants to ask for an ST-1 form in order to make sure my vendors are actually able to collect sales tax as a legitimate business, because I know they don’t have an ST-1 form and probably don’t even have an EIN, making them jump through some hoops and forcing them to actually pay up the sales tax they collect in the long run, since I know they’re simply collecting it without recording it right now. What would you guys suggest? I don’t want to punish these guys or ruin the relationship, they aren’t mean or bad guys, but I don’t want to be dicked around on surprise costs anymore. – by hq overview zeldasbookshelf – –

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