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  • Death & Rage = Success: Your 2020 Marching Order.

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  • Margaret

    December 27, 2019 at 6:22 am

    Father Freedom here with a hard red pill for your soft grey matter. Quick question: Are you going to step it the fuck up in 2020? Ah, good to hear. Well, if you are going into battle, then you’re gonna need to load up on mental ammunition but be warned… Once I load you up, there’s no going back. This post is also really long, so if that bothers you, then you’ll really hate seeing what’s inside my pants. Seriously through, if you sit down and give this a go, I promise it is worth your time especially compared to 90% of the stuff you’ll read today. Ok, let’s begin. The reason you haven’t been living life to the fullest is because you are far too confident you’ll be alive this time tomorrow. Get this: Somewhere between *right now* and 80 years from now, there won’t be a tomorrow for you. The cruel joke is you won’t know in advance it’s your last day. But imagine if you could know… Imagine you could somehow see one day into the future and know exactly when your tomorrow ends. How would your last day be different from your average day and why would there be a difference between the two? How would you treat family and friends around you differently? Would you listen a little more intently? Would you tell them you love them and mean it just a little bit more than normal? Would you be concerned with the scratch on your belt buckle or the pimple on your forehead? Would you stop to appreciate the simple and beautiful things in life, knowing it’s the last time you’ll ever see them? Maybe you’d see nature in its full beauty because you finally slowed down enough to notice it… Well, good news my friend, although you can’t actually see the future, you can get the same rewards as if you could. All you have to do is wake up everyday, walk to the bathroom mirror and vow to give the day the respect it deserves and admit it could be your last. Ironically, thoughts of death can make you feel more alive. Don’t be afraid of these thoughts, they will bring you success. True peace, happiness, and success is not found in money, cars, houses, and praise, but in the way you feel, think, and process your life. and there are certain “odd” ways in which happy, healthy, badass motherfuckers think. Thinking about death is an excellent way to stay positive, happy, badass, and grounded. Maybe you’ll be nicer to your family if you keep in mind it might be the last time you see them. Everyone who’s ever lost someone close to them didn’t know their last visit was the last one and the guilt of having been too cocky about that can be too much to bear. What I’m really talking about here is presence. Being right here fully in this moment. Set your watch to “now” because that’s the real time. I used to live life almost exclusively in the future, which is only slightly less pathetic than living in the past. Now, if I say things that seem backwards from the normal way of thinking, that’s because I don’t want to be normal. The average person is trapped in their own personal hell. And if you want more from life than what you see around you (and what you may be trapped in) then you need to pay attention to people who have broken through. I was trapped but I broke free. I earned my freedom. I earned my right to teach people business and life shit. I nearly killed myself to get where I am. I’ve had a heart attack, I’ve been fucking homeless, I’ve had nervous breakdowns, I’ve fucked people over, I’ve been fucked over. I crawled on and ate broken glass for 14 years to find out who I do (and don’t) want to be. I used to lie. I used to steal. I used to fuck people over. Ruined countless friendships. But I wouldn’t change the past for anything because the consequences of those experiences have taken me in the other direction, far further than if I hadn’t been such a piece of shit. Thing is, I’m sure you can relate to some of this, we have all gone through stuff. But the difference is most people use all that as excuses to be sad and stay in the past. Instead of getting mad and using it as fuel to be unstoppable.. Nobody can stop me, no person (outside of myself) can take me down, I’m a rock that won’t budge. When you unleash your power, you’ll be unstoppable too because you’ll be free from the opinions of others, which is the primary fear in business. Haters and doubters won’t scare you, shake you up, or freeze you up anymore. I eat haters for breakfast and when I’ve eaten enough, I slit the rest of their throats and piss down their necks laughing all the way to the bank. Warriors think differently than the average. Just stop and take a look around you for a minute: is the average person happy, rich, abundant, healthy, and kicking ass? Exactly. Only a small minority are crushing life and they are smashing it because they think differently than the unwashed masses. It can be tough to breakthrough because we are hardwired to fit into a tribe, but I’m telling you you don’t have to stay in the one you are in if you don’t belong. My fellow freedom fighter, you can join another tribe, or create your own. You are not broken. You are just different. You are just as important as anybody else, never let them tell you otherwise. And if you find yourself being belittled, bullied, abused, or snickered at… fucking fight. Fight them. Fighting is part of who you are. Punch a motherfucker in the face with your fist or your words. Always stand up for yourself. And if they don’t fall into line, ignore, hit the road and never look back. You don’t have to accept what life gives you, you already have everything you need inside you. LET IT OUT. Don’t get sad, get mad. Get mad at them. Get mad at yourself. Feel that rage and channel it into ACTION. Take a fucking stand for something. Believe in yourself, believe in your family, god damn it, light that fire up and scream at the top of your lungs “Its my fucking turn and I’ll do whatever it takes to make this happen” Make your goals worth dying for and be willing to march after your truth no matter the obstacles. Embrace the fear. Eat that shit for breakfast. Become a freedom fighter. Like a warrior going to battle, be willing to die for victory, because the truth is, if you aren’t willing to fight… you’re already dead. This is your marching order for 2020: Stand up and fight. P.S. Setting goals for 2020. I know you are gonna do it anyway even though you know how I feel about resolutions. For what you want to get out of 2020, think about all the FREE things. We put too much value on things that have a price, but the most valuable goals to set are for things that are free. Character goals. Don’t want the car, want the work ethic. Don’t want the watch, want to be someone who can be trusted enough to work with. Don’t want the vacation, want the self confidence. The work ethic will give you the car. The trust will give you 100 watches. The self confidence will give you unlimited vacations. Here’s the biggest bomb I could drop to you on this post: If you chase your dream life directly, it will always dangle 2 inches in front of your face just out of reach, but if you chase the character traits of people who have your dream life, then you’ll get it. Now go get it. – by /hq/saadmrb – –

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