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  • Deceptive job posting/title/description, plus morals of outsourcing labor overseas?

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  • Jessica

    October 30, 2019 at 6:47 am

    Hey all, So as the title states, in a bit of a conundrum here. Moved across the country recently to get a bit closer to family and whatnot, moving from a very large urban center to a much smaller city. Now my background I’ve worked in house as a solo Marketing Manager, agency side as a digital specialist, etc, so when I interviewed for my now job, it seemed like your typical in house gig looking for your run of the mill $40k a year Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS from here forward), not great, but a starting point in a new city with a lower cost of living than in used to. So the company. Small-ish digital print and design shop, one actual dedicated employee currently who acts as designer and “production manager” for the digital printing side (owner of the business runs 3 or 4 companies out of one set of offices, this is one of them), wanting to hit more than the 5% growth annually they’ve been seeing. Seemed pretty straightforward, was told they don’t advertise at all currently, always been word of mouth, you know the story I’m sure. Well after accepting an offer with title of DMS and all, Turns out the accountant for all the companies wrote the job ad without the owner even looking at it, and in reality he wants much more than a DMS by definition, but he still thinks it should be DMS title and pay. What he actually wants, is to turn his print shop into an agency. He wants to obviously increase their own ad presence, but then also offer services such as CPC, to other businesses (though he didn’t even know what CPC was, just said he wanted to do online marketing for other businesses). I say that would take a small team, not just me, to which I’m told it’s fine, he co-owns an advertising agency in what I will describe as a small but well known country that is a former member of the Soviet Union. Essentially, long story short, I’m expected to do an account manager role, growing the business local from a zero level starting point, while outsourcing the actual labor of doing the CPC management, website design, etc, to said country, because he says he can pay them in a month what I make in a day. I’m really struggling with what to do here. I feel morally wrong about the outsourcing to start, which let me know, maybe this is the norm now, but it feels wrong to me. Then there’s the issue of me being told, with zero outside direction “if you fuck this up, it’s on you” because I have “all of his assets at my disposal”, but then to contradict that, the owner is cheap enough that day one I got told off because I contacted our third party IT team to register a new email address for me on our domain, because they didn’t have any of the hosting information or anything hear in house, because “you’re a digital guy, you should know how to do this shit” (direct quote), so even the line between what someone in Digital ADVERTISING versus a system admin isn’t clear to the business. Long post, hopefully you made it this far. I’m leaving out so much of what’s happening like me discovering their current website was hacked in 2016, full of Blackhat SEO pages, etc, meaning I have no real data to start with, anything. Any and all advice or thoughts appreciated. – by hq overview thegoofynewfie – –

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