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  • BusinessMag

    August 29, 2021 at 10:19 pm

    Hi! I’m a brand new web developer working on a business site for my first client. I am writing all the code from scratch (simple 3 page website, with one photo of their business on homepage). 1) The client wants a VERY basic site (3 pages-home,services, contact, same colored background on all pages, basic nav bar with hover (doesnt need to be filled with any nav background), basic footer with my contact info, centered black text on all pages, one contact form-using netlify). Even though this what the client is requesting, I’m running into perfectionism maybe, trying to think of other things design wise to add to make it look more like other sites. Bad idea right? Just give them what they asked for right? 2)I am setting up their domain and hosting as well, and since it will be free hosting and the domain is one time yearly, I was thinking of maybe charging $50 a month for maintenance (performance, up to 2 changes,) and maybe $500-600 for the site. Any ideas how to generate more monthly revenue? Are these figures in line? I have two other clients after this one, that want very similar set ups so any advice or tips for a newbie, I am more than grateful. Thank you!! – by /hq/buythebloom – –

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