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  • David

    September 12, 2019 at 8:33 am

    Looking for ways/solutions to figure out what’s working and replicate. I’ve exhausted what I know and what I’m able to do, so I’m reaching out. We do financial planning, and one of our big funnels is classes. We target attendees for mailed invites via two key demographics—age range (50+) and investible assets ($500k or more). Age is pretty easy to verify by the list manufacturers from census data, while investible assets is more of a guess based on mailing/subscription behavior and home values. We mail to three areas—all with similar demographic ranges, all suburban areas a similar distance from the metropolitan center, all with similar population mixes, and all conveniently located near a college campus where we teach the classes. One of these areas performs head and shoulders above the other two. We get more enrolls, we get more active participants, and we get more people deeper into the funnel from this one area than the other two combined. I’m currently pulling every indicator I can find about the mailed zip codes to try and go deeper than age/investible asset, but what else should I be looking at to find why the one class/area is working so much better than the others? – by hq overview OwlStretcher – –

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