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  • Dilemma when leaving a remote startup

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  • David

    July 27, 2019 at 10:52 am

    So I’ve a bit of a dilemma regarding a startup I’ve been associated with. I have been working a freelance position with a European startup since the end of 2018 to develop software. I was originally super interested in their interesting spin on the idea of freelancing/software development as a service, and was also breaking into freelance work for a while after leaving a super draining job. The startup has been bootstrapping everything and doing client work as a way to generate income up until recently. The founder spent some time in the US, and there’s now a potential of some investment from the US. Things were great, and I worked on a variety of different projects. But over the course of the past few months, I’ve realised that I can’t do remote work for long periods of time, and the freelance life right now is too unstable for me to feel comfortable to continue with it. The founder is set to return to spent a few months in the Bay area to secure investment (which seems like crazy spending for just a potential outcome), and remotely liaise the last of the client work. The idea is that the client work is just a stop gap, and it’s time to transition to actually creating and implementing the software for the startup idea. One of the co-founders who hasn’t really participated in much over the past months turned down a full-time position in favour of another goal (and was offered a much higher salary and a very high title). I’ve also realised that I don’t think that there is a clear idea of what the platform is really solving, or even what the MVP is really going to be as it seems to be everything – something I know is a bad sign with a lack of direction. I got offered a full time contract with low pay (lower than the other co-founders and in general for Europe) and pretty much no benefits, with no option to continue the freelance side of this long term. I’m also not too sure that the founder’s actual role is in all of this. I decided that I wasn’t really as invested in the idea as I thought I was, so I started thinking about what I really want for myself. The answer I came up with was more mentoring in a large company and good benefits/pay for now before jumping into an endeavour like this. What doesn’t help is that I was meant to have a catch up call a few days ago to talk about the offer more and its outcome etc, but instead it was actually a client call with the founder and a client who has deadlines for a new project which I didn’t agree to yet, or sign anything. After the call, I decided that I feel like I’m being screwed over, especially with how tired I am feeling with remote work these days. I let the founder know my reasons for quitting politely, gave notice even though I do not have a contract (as there is no active project right now), and offered to help to transition any knowledge to a replacement over the next while. The response was fine, but the founder still wants me to work on that project, even though it’s 4+ months long and I’m currently doing some job interviews with the intention to start sometime next month. I get that this has put him in a tough situation, but I don’t think it’s fair that my situation will get affected because he promised something without discussing it with me beforehand. I want to walk a fine line between a fair handover, and not committing to more remote work. Does anyone have any insight into what my situation is like for a third party here? – by hq overview earwax_man – –

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