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  • Direct offering: Email or Phone?

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  • David

    September 2, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    Hello, before I start explaining, note that this question is not about our product(is it good, could we improve it etc), it is only about how should we build connection with our clients. Thank you all for your help and time in advance, I really appreciate it! Our product is currently at final stages and it will be in next phase(offerings) in a month. We operate in a way where we don’t need thousands of clients, we will be profitable with 20+ clients(goal is 100+), so we can afford to contact every potentially new client directly. Ordinary marketing won’t be a good fit here, because we target specific niche in specific location(about 3.5k people are our potential clients). I have a list of potential clients(it is website which collect informations about our niche), where we have listed their phone number and e-mail address. More about product: Our product is tested, reviewed by many real-world users and everyone agrees it is fantastic. It targets specific niche. It saves a loooot of time for specific people using it and they could even generate more profits using it. As we had a lot of field experts reviewed it, we are sure many people will be interested in using it. Our plan: We will offer 3 months free usage of this product for specific people we target. Idea is, if they get convinced how great and time-saving program is, converting them into regular customers. They will spend from $300 to $500 a month, but it will be cost-effective, because they are making a lot of money already and they will earn even more using our product plus it will save them like 70% of the work time. My question is: What is best way to contact and offer this to them in a specific situation? Any advice is welcomed. Things coming to my mind are: Direct phone call E-mail offer E-mail offer followed by video filmed specific for them, where we are using their name in it, etc. Why am I asking this? Because, if it’s me, I wouldn’t be interested in a phone call but I’d love to get e-mail offer. A lot of people told me phone call sounds more serious. What do you think, what is best choice here, something of mine 3 ideas or even something else? It would help a lot if you have some experience with this topic. Thank you all in advance again. – by hq overview DecaaK – –

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