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  • DISCUSSION: DCEU Things I’m quite sad we’ll never see…

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  • Teddy

    October 27, 2019 at 10:18 am

    Since the MoS/BvS/JL story thread has now been pretty much burned, I sometimes think about what would or could have been… in no particular order…

    • Jeremy Irons’ Alfred defending Wayne Manor/Manor Base in hand-to-hand combat. You know it was gonna happen.
    • Cyborg’s extra limbs and faceplate in combat mode during the Knightmare timeline.
    • Darkseid’s omega beams tearing through buildings and landscapes at the climax of Justice League Part 2.
    • Knightmare Flash time-travelling and delivering the message to Bruce during BvS.
    • Batman delivering the killing blow to Darkseid and dying in the process. This would almost certainly have been a flipped version of the BvS Doomsday fight with Batman, instead of Superman, retrieving the weapon and dying at the climax.
    • Superman carrying a dying/dead Batman’s broken body at the end of the fight.
    • The full authentic version of Cyborg’s birth that we only saw a snippet of in BvS.
    • A return of Russel Crowe as Jor-El, and/or maybe even Michael Shannon as Zod.
    • The League going cosmic in Justice League Part 2, with the Flying Fox being upgraded for spaceflight.
    • The green lanterns joining the fight against Darkseid.
    • Batman using his wits, strength and mastering of technology to maintain a parity of ability with his meta-human partners.

    What else were you looking forward to?

    – by hq overview YawningLyon

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