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  • Do I Need a Food License to Bring Food to an Event?

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  • Christine

    October 29, 2019 at 11:47 am

    Hello, Basically, I am looking at getting into a event hosting space. Where I have an event that people can rent out, let us just say inflatables as its a similar space to what I am referencing. So let us say I have inflatables that I rent out, can I bring food from a restaurant with me to the event? Like let us say, the rent an inflatable, and I want to throw in some drinks and food with the package, and get a small discount from the restaurant for referring people to them, can I bring that with me to the event and give that to them, since I did not prepare it, or do I have to have a food license in order to offer such a thing, or does the restaurant itself have to deliver it separately, or someone from the event have to go and pick it up? Would love some insight into that. Thanks. – by hq overview Mastemine – –

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