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  • Don’t forget to identify your niche and target customers

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  • Margaret

    July 11, 2022 at 3:23 am

    I’m marketing my subscription based SaaS product and I ran my ad forgetting a simple step. Then I got interesting replies which reminded me that fact. One asked about the product and when I directed him to the site as all the info is there, he told me he didn’t have mobile data to do so, and he would as soon as he could. I laughed and reflected, if this subject didn’t have money for WIFI or mobile data, can he actually afford this product? Does this person seem like someone who manages an institution to actually buy the subscription? I thanked for his interest and moved his message to Spam. No point in wasting time with such characters. The other messages were trolls I didn’t bother answering, another one who just wrote “interested” then when I asked to write what service he would like then I got no answer. Then someone else who went silent… when I answered how can she buy the product. So I deleted the add, went back to the drawing board: What’s my niche and target customers? My product should be premium for high-income, professional, serious customers who can afford to buy. I don’t mind having just a handful but faithful and who pay. As for the cheap masses they can be a pain in the ass to deal with, think late payments, constantly opening tickets, etc I know them as I have experience with customer support. So I increase the minimum subscription fee to shoo away unwanted customers.The ad will now target people of certain age who are most likely being managers and business owners in specific areas. Another important thing is that, most people start a business to immediately turn a profit so they can pay the bills at the end of the month, and it’s all or nothing. Therefore they are desperate for customers, just anybody if they don’t close that deal they are closer to debt and bankruptcy. Such business fail, be in the position that you although have a sense of urgency for success not because you have bills at the end of the month to pay. – by /hq/False-_-Idols – –

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