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  • Charles

    October 30, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Don’t just hire a coding expert (website developer/creator) to make a website for you. I’m not telling you not to hire a website developer, i’m telling you to take the necessary steps towards successful business. 1) Get a graphic design person to make you look professional 2) Use a web creator to make your basic website 3) Have a SEO – Marketing Expert help you by – a) Counseling you through how to speak to your web developer b) Work with your web developer to implement SEO c) Have your SEO Expert implement Search Engine Optimization themselves d) I recommend B for best results. Both parties have knowledge that the other just wont know. However, In our TSC’s case we have the knowledge of marketing, SEO, and coding (Web Developing) 4) If you don’t follow these steps your site could be beautiful and professional but contain little to no SEO 5) Web Developers and Graphic Designers will do just as you say (to the best of their ability). However they usually don’t understand SEO. If neither of you understand SEO, how is your site going to become SEO friendly? These two people will just do as you say and take the money you give them. Find someone with knowledge on SEO and have them implement strategies or look to them for consultation. 6) If you followed these steps, you’re all set. Be ready, be clear. A Couple Tips Some graphic designers are too focused on making your site attractive and they actually make it unattractive, not only to the everyday person but also to search engines Google does not like pages full of ads. If you are thinking of advertising, place ads near the bottom of your page and out of the way. I suggest not having many and only having the ads on one web page. Ignoring this advice will push search engines away from your site. Site developers have little to no knowledge on SEO and they often guess keywords wrong or use keywords wrong. Do not spam search engines with keywords. You need to keep a good keyword density. Anytime a search engine recognizes a form of spam, they can permanently penalize you (you wont appear in their indexes). It is extremely hard to get back on the good side of a search engine after being penalized. – by hq overview topsocialcommunity – –

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