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  • Maverick

    September 12, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    im working on a project and i need to create a piece of pretty complex html. now my code generates the html element (with many nested divs and other stuff) dynamically using jQuery. as i go along i can see how this becomes more and more complicated to dynamically generate and make it look nice in terms of design. another way i can do is first create the element in html in the correct section in the body and then just ‘re-create’ the same element dynamically in my code without doing everything dynamically. ​ say i got a user block, for each user that connects to my chat i dynamically create an with many nested divs (user icon, name, age etc…). as for now the WHOLE is generated dynamically, so i have a completely empty and then the code generates for every user a . should i use a pre-created template and then just store the appropriate user info inside of it and re-use this template when other users log in to my chat? what do you think should i do? continue no matter how complicated it gets and do all the divs and append’s dynamically or just use a pre-created template? ​ dynamically creating complex html elements with jQuery can be a real pain. how can i do it so it wont take a week to create couple of elements lol? thanks. – by hq overview humbleman64 – –

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