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  • Christine

    October 31, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    So I’m assuming most of us, from what I’ve seen on this forum are self-made entrepreneurs who seem to have started from £0/$0, in their bedrooms, garages and all that sort of thing whilst learning most things the hard way as we go. So just over a years ago, I opened up my first company which is all focused around health and wellbeing. All in all, things are going amazingly well and the future looks fantastic for me and my company. But I have a question that I’m struggling to find an answer to. I want to one day (in the coming year or two) open up a second company with my new business partner which stands as a middle ground for both of our ideologies and aims in life. My partner is much less knowledgable and risk taking than I’ve become, like most of us, I’m fuelled off failures, risks and huge leaps. So my plan is this, I open a new company and brand and my partner wants to have her own brand and product line that falls into my companies ethics, but doesn’t want to face all the legality and apparant risks or business. So my question is this; Let’s say I create the business and a product line of my new own (eg. food) can my partner design her own product line (eg. drinks) and trademark her brand etc and then use my business and platform for selling her products? Of course, I understand I will need a retail licence, product insurance within both of our fields (to sel both products) and all the other things that come with business. My second question is will she need anything other than a licenced trademark to be legally covered, IF all she does is manufacture the products. Bonus; If you have anything to add, such as important things I’ve missed, other legal requirements (whether licensing or written agreements signed between us both), it would be extremely appreciated. Thank you for all and any response 🙂 – by hq overview ChocChipCookiee – –

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