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  • Mateo

    August 6, 2022 at 9:23 am

    Why? Advertising is a money game, the more you spend the more results you get. When you spend a decent amount of money usually more than $500, you start seeing if your targeting the right or wrong people. If you are out there spending less than $500 I am assuming your ad is probably getting clicked maximum 10 times a day. What should I do with a low budget? You are better off using it to perfect your operations or make your SEO better buying certain tools. There are many ways you can get clients. I’ll name a few: commission based salesmen, social media, cold emailing, SEO, networking, etc…. What if I have the best ad creatives? Okay let’s say your ad creative is so attractive but you have less than $500 to spend per month on ads. Even though your ad creative is the best in the world, you’ll still be receiving maximum 10 clicks. Correct me if I am wrong but I’ve never seen anyone convert 100% of their impressions into clicks. What do I know? I made a test of my own, when I was running my brothers ad we started with a low budget of $5 per day then $15 then $25 then $50 then $55. Here’s the differences With $5: we received only 2 calls per week even though our optimization score was 99% and we where ranked on number 1 in the ads. With $15: we started receiving 5 calls a week, I could make little changes here and there because we started receiving results. With $25: we started getting traction our impressions grew and we started getting 2 calls per day, mind you I haden’t found the audience tab in google so we where kinda targeting the wrong people. With $50: I discovered the audience tab and added some audiences, but before that we were getting 20 calls a day. When I tweaked the audiences it went back down to 4 calls a day, but those 4 calls were all businesses who were looking for deliveries. We would only get 1 or 2 bad calls a week. With $55: it was the same calls probably increased by 1 or 3 a week, couldn’t spot a difference. I actually decreased it back to 50 and made our ad copies slightly better. Fun fact: when running google ads, there is a section where google tells if you if you should increase your budget or not. There’s also a section that rates your ad creative. – by /hq/adblanket – –

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