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  • Entrepreneurship requires creativity and adaptability. Here is my story

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  • Margaret

    July 11, 2022 at 5:18 pm

    Hey all! I’m 23 years old now launching my third company. The past two were closed or sold. One of the companies was a tech company that had a retail store with all the stuff to build custom gaming computers and tech repair. It went well till the spike of gpu’s due to crypro exploding back in 2017-18. The other was a restaurant that started as a small kiosk in a mall. Now, I’m launching a mobile tech repair business out of a retired ambulance. Links on the profile for those curious. Now the small little ted talk that I want to do is about being creativity and adaptable. 99% of entrepreneurs don’t start their business and it explode by accident. Especially in these times. You’ve gotta bring something to the table that is different from who you’d compete against. People crave diversity these days, they WANT something that’s different. It’s always funny to me to see posts about “how can I get rich” basically. You’ll never grow with that mentality. My business ideas were called genius by others, published about by media. I was in every newspaper and tv show local to my town. Yet my store still closed because I couldn’t find my niche to continue existing. Business it hard, it takes determination, focus and just taking the L’s you get sometimes. But you keep trying. That’s where I’m at on my mobile tech repair. I failed once as a official business, and thrived as a repair person on my own terms. And that common ground was doing repair for people at their house or business. And that’s now where I merged my ideas. Find your niche, prove a new idea can improve the industry you’re in, and stay adaptable to the times to get your idea on its feet. I wish you all success with your endeavors, and may you grow strong and smart. – by /hq/elishalewisusaf – –

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