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  • David

    September 13, 2019 at 8:33 am

    I work for a small business that has 4 locations and sells/rent outdoor power equipment. Originally another guy made a presentation to my boss and sold him on the idea of marketing and how useful Facebook is. Fast forward to 6 months later they fired that guy and started looking for someone to take over. I never went to school or have any training in marketing, but I’ve always been good with computers and I already knew everyone here. I got the job, but It’s becoming overwhelming! I definitely feel like I don’t belong here and question how I got this job daily. The Facebook page is mostly dead with little interactions and I’m running out of ideas. I mostly use Facebook, Instagram, Google & Yelp for reviews, We have a main website (WordPress built by another company) that I post on, Equipment we sell (Honda/Stihl) each have sites for each store. I think part of the problem is I only work part-time and I personally don’t use Facebook as much as most people, mostly just messenger. What are some tips to get more interactions on our Facebook page and other social media sites? Any pointers or advice on where to start? Things to avoid? Are there any books/websites you could recommend that could help me? I’m still basically a beginner wanting to learn basic marketing/social media management skills to help me come up with a better marketing plan. – by hq overview name_notimportant – –

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