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  • Feeling frustrated with the film industry.

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  • Christine

    September 12, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    Hello everybody. My name is Quinton, I am a student attending Vancouver Film School and will be graduating in about 3 months from now. I am writing today because of my frustration with this school, or rather the industry in general. ​ When I was in highschool looking for schools to apply to, I chose Vancouver Film School above all others because of it’s track record and location; being right in the middle of what we here in Canada call Hollywood North. But above all, I chose Vancouver Film School above all other schools because they gave examples of graduates that were able to make it on their own. “Find your voice” is what is written just inside the main doors at the animation campus, and they echo it throughout the year in their meaningless talks with our class once every three months. That’s right, meaningless. Because they tell you that your voice matters and that you can make it on your own as an influencer or content creator, and then proceed to try to mold you into the perfect employee. They make you choose a focus, or a stream. Just like in the industry, they want your focus to be on one part of the pipeline; modeling, animation, or visual effects. ​ As I’m nearing graduation I’ve learned nothing valuable about what I want to do moving forwards. I know that I definitely do not want to be slaving away behind a computer desk working unpaid overtime for some soulless childrens television show. I want to create my own short films and to share them with the world. I want to tell my own stories through my own films. Which, of course, is entirely possible, VFS has done a decent job at familiarizing me with the software required to make high quality animated films. ​ But what then? There’s no YouTube for short film creators. Uploading my content to YouTube will have it there for free and I won’t be paid for my hard work. I can’t create animations fast enough to grow an audience there. Tutorials are over saturated and vary greatly between different software and renderers. Amazon Video Direct allows you to upload your own film to their platform (if approved) but will likely not make enough money to be sustainable, hell, it wouldn’t even be enough to fund another film project. Film festivals would be my best bet, try to get myself out there in hopes that some big name producer would be willing to fund me, purchase IP from me, or distribute my films for me, all of which are even more unlikely to lead to success than all other options. ​ The industry is drowning indie film creators. The tools are becoming more and more readily available. Right now is the easiest it’s ever been to get into 3D animation and film making in general, but monetization options are limited. ​ I need help. I need options. I’ve wanted to do my own thing since I was a kid, but now it seems further away than ever before. I appreciate any help or advice. – by hq overview prplelemonade – –

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