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  • Finally got my first order on my website after a year

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  • Teddy

    October 29, 2021 at 8:43 am

    Initially had a company I was paying to do my SEO for a year and I’m not really sure what they did apart from change words on my website or internal website things which I don’t understand still. I further researched and realised they weren’t doing nothing. Then went down a different route and decided to try Google and FB ads as I feel they compliment eachother. As Google is the biggest search engine and Facebook the biggest social media which includes Instagram and YouTube respectively. My budget for FB ads is only £3 a day & Google only £5 a day. As you can imagine you don’t always run to the maximum budget everyday and considering my business is somewhat unique and is becoming a popular trend too for a while. It’s only taken around a month with both ads running to finally get a sale. I’m hoping this is only the start of something big and of course increase my budget accordingly. It is possible with patience and a low budget! As far as the order, they ordered multiple items as well and I offer free shipping as well within the country and offer 10% discount to new customers and the customer hasn’t used it, however I will email them offering this discount for the next order as well to keep them being a regular customer as well as a leaflet in the order which I believe is a good idea. – by /hq/zeddy786 – –

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