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  • Fired to fired up! Starting My Own Business and Need Advice

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  • Christine

    October 29, 2019 at 10:33 am

    Hey r/Entrepreneur, I was let go last Thursday. I’m tired of working so that somebody else pockets get bigger. I’m tired of my ideas not be heard. I’m ready to start on my own, but I’d like your sage advice. My background: 7 years of Digital marketing. Current position was consulting business on implementing marketing automation into their business (specifically Keap aka Infusionsoft). Previously I did SEO and Lead Generation (Facebook and Google ads). Solid understanding of different types of campaign strategies (Product Launch Formula, Ask Method, Evergreen webinars, etc). What I want to do: Offer lead generation plus funnel optimization to create a full funnel to convert prospects into clients. Plan: I have a list of previous clients I’ve worked with. Company was to cheap to pay for G-suite so they forwarded all emails to my personal gmail. That means I still have access to all my previous clients info. My previous company did not do any lead generation, just marketing automation, so not really competing (No non compete or any such contract was ever signed). I’ll be reaching out to them to offer lead generation. My thought is a funnel is only good if it’s being filled with leads. Strategy: Hitting the phone and email. Say I’m doing a quick health check on their funnel(s) since I last worked with them. I’m guessing unless they are actively driving leads to their funnels, they’re not doing so great. Start talking about what they are doing to drive leads. Offer a low cost lead generation plan (tripwire) that would be a 1 hour consultation for $50-100, then upsell into services Challenge: I’m working primarily with solo-preneurs. Most of my previous client’s businesses earn less than 6 figures. Many were just starting their business. probably about 90% of the list I have consist of these types. This I see is going to be my biggest problem. Finding people to afford $1000 per month retainer is going to be a challenge. Service: Thinking about offering Done For You, Done With You, and putting a course together for the DIYers, or even just a monthly retainer for strategy sessions. What am I missing, what questions should I be asking? I’ll keep you updated on this new journey. Thanks in advance! ​ PS I would love a mentor/accountability partner. Where can I get me one of those? – by hq overview betterwaytofish – –

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