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  • Katie

    September 29, 2021 at 5:58 pm

    Hi everyone, I cook and I’m just starting to sell food. I don’t have a restaurant. I have a kitchen to prepare the food but it is available for delivery only. Think of it as a ghost kitchen situation. Through a bit of research, I’m finding that college students are pretty broke. No offense, I too have been a broke college student. So they don’t seem to be quite the target for meal prep as I initially thought. Now I’m thinking it would be a good idea to contact corporate offices in my area so I can get in there for catered lunches. I’ve called around a bit and it seems like a lot of places are either closed still, due to the current state of the world, not operating at full capacity (if they are open) or the number listed online is the customer service line which doesn’t put me in contact with an actual person at the location I’m looking to serve. I’m getting a bit frustrated but I know owning a business won’t be easy. My question to you guys: Where should I go from here? Should I continue contacting cooperate offices in my area and hope one answers? Should I go visit them in person so they see a physical face? Should I go back to the college students and forget the meal prep but cater college events? Should I find families in my area and within a few miles of my area that don’t cook and market myself to them? Dispensaries are becoming more popular where I live, should I contact any of them about allowing me a small space in their store to sell something small and cheap so people can get a chance to see me, try a little something , and leave them wanting for more? I’m really for anything right now exposure is really important at this stage – by /hq/TheGiverr – –

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