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Forums Forums Business [FOR HIRE] Want the best Darn PYTHON Developer money can buy? For $15 an Hour, I am your guy!! [Web Scraping, Data Analytics, API, Web Development & MUCH MORE] : forhire

  • [FOR HIRE] Want the best Darn PYTHON Developer money can buy? For $15 an Hour, I am your guy!! [Web Scraping, Data Analytics, API, Web Development & MUCH MORE] : forhire

     Deborah updated 2 years, 7 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Deborah

    February 13, 2020 at 8:14 am

    I will do

    1. General Purpose Programming using Python, JavaScript & Bash

    2. Web Scraping 8 Data Mining

    3. Data Cleanup & Data Structuring

    4. Data Analytics & Visualization

    5. API

    6. Browser Automation

    7. Web Development

    8. Technical Writing & Tutorial Videos on Programming

    Web Scraping & Data Analytics

    Web Scraping and Browser Automation tasks using Python. Modules I am familiar with –

    • Selenium

    • Requests-html

    • Beautiful Soup 4

    • URLlib

    • Requests

    Browser Automation

    Data cleanup and Visualization using MS Excel. I am familiar with-

    Data cleanup and Visualization using Python. I have skills in-

    • Pandas and Numpy for data analytics

    • Matplotlib for data visualization

    • Web interactive basic data visualization using SVG

    Previous works

    Website and directory scrap and mining-

    hq based web scraping and analysis –

    Web Development

    Django, Vue & web dev

    I am an enthusiast-grade web developer. My stack of knawledge includes –

    1. Django (For server-side)

    2. Jekyll (Static web language; Can help you to launch a virtual free website)

    3. Github Pages, Netlify (Free website hosting platform)

    4. VueJS (Front end framework)

    5. Bootstrap 4

    6. HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript

    7. Virtually any type of JavaScript or CSS framework for the front end design

    Experience in web dev

    1. Built a couple of website for charities (Hosted in netlify, design in review)

    2. Worked as junior developer role in Vue Development working with Django REST and PostgreSQL

    3. Made many a website here and there for practice

    Technical Writing, Blog Posts, Tutorial Videos on Programming

    Making Tutorials on Learning Programming

    I work part timish in a contract to make full-fledged short Programming tutorials on Python Programming. The following lists my duties & skills –

    1. Researching topics (SEO, Keywords, Blogs, Popular question)

    2. Writing original scripts for Tutorial (Writing error-free reference backed scripts that is easy to understand)

    3. Screen Record (OBS)

    4. Animation and Graphics Design (PowerPoint Animation, Video Editor Animation, Photoshop, Copyright Free logos)

    5. Research attribution free resources

    6. Video editing (I use VSDC, might switch to another editor soon)

    7. YouTube Thumbnail design (Creative thumbnail designs)

    8. Content management (Uploading and setting up with tags)

    9. Social Media interaction (Post and market content; Interact with viewers; Answer relevant questions)

    Very interested sectors

    Send me a message for any kind of work mentioned here, but if you –

    • Operate a garage band investment fund

    • Business in finance and accounting with heavy use of excel

    • Do Investigative work that needs data analysis

    • Need to read research papers or news on finance

    • Working on a web development MVP or Startup

    • Manage a small team after work and need help

    Do send me a DM. You might need me in ways you don’t even realize(!).

    Resume / Portfolio / Personal Website

    Please visit my website to learn more about my skills

    Please visit this page to get a better understanding about hiring me

    Hiring me-

    • DM me on hq

    • Payment only through PayPal (Only & Exclusively)

    • $15/Hour for per hour dedicated to coding

    • $7/Hour for computer run time (The First hour is free though)

    • Please do not bid or invite me to a project from a moderately inactive or new account. Please send me a DM from an active and old account.

    Please note

    Please don’t ask me to raise my price, good samaritan. I have raised my prices before and I know I am worth more than doing $15 doing of freelance work. I stopped getting bids after I have raised my prices before. I would rather do a couple of jobs at this price rather than do no jobs at a higher price.

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