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  • Form Plugins with ‘continue later’ function

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  • Deborah

    October 30, 2019 at 11:03 am

    ​ Hi guys, I’m looking for a form plugin that has a ‘save & continue later’ feature. It’s for an event booking site.It will mainly be used for wedding clients and basically what I’m looking to do is: ​ Client will login (or ‘start’) on the form giving basic details such as: Venue name, address, name of bride & groom. Save the information which then gets sent to me (or sent to a reults page?) and I can inform entertainers where they are going etc. I’ll send them a reminder 6-8 weeks out from the wedding and have them revisit the form and fill in final details (such as guest numbers, first dance etc) Have this information displayed on an event page (think i will achieve this with Modern Events Calendar) possibly with something like the gravity – pdf plugin. ​ I see gravity form has this save for later feature but i can’t say for certain if it’s in the pro or elite version only (can anyone confirm this?) and judging from screen shots, they would have to save a link themselves in a text file and come back within 30 days. Which seems a bit messy as they could lose the link? I would also need to view the partially completed form as soon as they save. How does this work with gravity? Is it viewed in the back end of wordpress? or sent to an email? Formiddable forms also i think mentions this feature. But have no experience with it. What would be ideal is, if there was a registration and when logged in they could complete some of the form which i could then view from the back end (or email?) and then could log back in at a later date to continue on. However i have no experience of user registration/member sites with wordpress and there is so many options i don’t know where to start. Sorry if this is confusing but i would appreciate any advice on this. Any gravity/formidable form experts here than could advise?Thank you! – by hq overview ninja-skoldpadda – –

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