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Forums Forums Business Startups Four very simple, actionable things that will dramatically improve the copy on your website [No BS. No selling. 3 min read.]

  • Four very simple, actionable things that will dramatically improve the copy on your website [No BS. No selling. 3 min read.]

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  • Charles

    September 4, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    Hi r/smallbusiness, Here are four things you can do right now that’ll improve the copy on your website and sell more of what you’re trying to sell. 1) Get rid of the fluff You see how this post gets right to the point? You should be doing the same. Find your core message and hit ‘em with it right off the bat. Exercise: I’ll often ask my clients to visit their homepage and stare at it for 2 seconds. You should do it with yours too. Do you know what you’re selling yet? If you don’t, you probably need to get rid of some fluff. Or you need a new pair of glasses. 2) Simplify. Keep your language and your words simple. Shakespeare would’ve been awful at writing copy that sells. There’s a reason why his most quoted piece of writing is “to be, or not to be? That is the question.” It’s because it’s simple. Simplicity sticks. Simplicity sells. (Will’s product descriptions would’ve been pure fire, though) 3) Write like you talk. Remember, you’re not writing an essay or a novel when you write copy for your site. When was the last time you actually said “moreover” or “as a result” in real life? Writing like you talk is powerful because you sound like a human, not an internet cyborg hellbent on maximising conversions. Sounding like a human builds trust. Example: you know that Elton John song where he sings “anyway, the thing is, what I really mean…yours are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen”? Those lyrics are so effective because they don’t sound like lyrics; they sound like the genuine, bumbling words of an actual person. Your copy will sell more if it hides the hallmarks of typical sales copy. Writing like you talk is a really easy way to do that. 4) Benefits over features. Let’s imagine we’re selling shoes. We’ll call them Ace Shoes for the sake of this bit. Ace shoes have a patented design. They’re hand-stitched by a weathered, aging Italian named Dimitri who’s been making shoes for 35 years. The leather we use is the finest in the world. Oh, and they’re lined with silk. Obviously. These are features. Just like my brown hair or my post-summer beer-belly are features of me. But why do people actually want to buy our shoes? Does it matter that the design is patented? Probably not. The hand-stitching is great, but is it the primary motivation for our customers? Again, it’s unlikely. Sorry Dimitri. Instead, we need to look at the benefits of these features. Why do these features make Ace Shoes more desirable? Perhaps they improve the durability of the shoe? Maybe it’s the confidence they instil in all who wear them? It could be that the quality craftsmanship makes them super comfortable. Hone in on your product’s key benefits and orientate your site’s copy around them. You’ll sell much more. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for reading. I’ll happily provide further examples in the comments if there’s any interest. Happy copywriting. – by hq overview tongueinloftuscheek – –

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