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  • Framework of choice for large “real-world” applications

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  • BusinessMag

    September 30, 2022 at 3:53 pm

    Let’s pretend you’re working at a startup to build the next Airbnb. Your team is very small, it’s just you and maybe 1-2 other developers. You need to build an application with the following requirements/assumptions: User facing “CRUD” 10+ domain models (eg. House, Guest, Cart, Booking, etc) Lots of forms w/ custom validation Pagination so you can display 1k+ records in tables/infinite-scroll Some areas of rich interactivity (eg. Host availability calendar) but mostly presentational UI / forms Admin panel Background jobs / tasks Scheduled – Run specific job at point in future (eg. Remind user in 3 months about upcoming trip) Recurring – Run cron jobs for repetitive tasks (eg. Run daily report at midnight) Emails / Notifications 10+ custom email templates (booking confirmation, upcoming trip reminder, etc.) Usually sent via background job File uploads / storage (eg. Users upload pictures of house) Auth Users login to book Hosts login to manage their home listings Testing Primarily integration / e2e tests of core flows You need to choose a framework: Rails (v7) Laravel (v9) Django (v4) Phoenix (v1.6) Which framework do you choose? Assume your team knows every framework equally well. Which one allows you to start quickly and still be maintainable 2-3 years down the road while continually adding new features? I’m curious to hear from those of you who have built applications with these frameworks and what sort of tradeoffs you encountered. Thanks! – by /hq/testman10101 – –

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