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  • Katie

    December 5, 2019 at 4:14 am

    Hello! I hope this is the correct place to post, and if it isn’t I would appreciate some direction on where to cross post. A little under two years ago, my best friend started a business. She is a costume designer, and owns a talent agency and rental costume company in Las Vegas. Most of what she does right now is hiring showgirls out on the strip. I’m her general manager and handle a lot of administrative and HR work for her, and I am doing so for free because I genuinely believe in her company and her business model and I know she really needs the help, as it’s growing rapidly to a place where she cannot manage everything on her own. She is very talented and very smart with a hell of a work ethic (this girl just got into a bad car accident a couple days ago and was right back in her office the next day.) Shes passionate and motivated and has the skills to make this business work. She started this business with the last $40 in her pocket. She has gone from doing this out of her bedroom to doing it out of a large office space right off the strip, that she is already outgrowing. She has her business license (it’s an LLC) and everything regarding taxes handled. The thing she is having trouble with right now is finances. Despite what she’s doing, she’s basically breaking even. She is struggling with budgeting and making a profit. She’s become extremely overwhelmed and doesn’t really know where to go from here because this is becoming more than she can handle herself. She’s done this all alone, she’s never had investors, this is a dream she made into a reality all by herself. Here is what she needs right now: -An accountant -A budget -Security team -A seamstress -A welder -A warehouse to operate out of The trouble is that she can’t currently afford these things. I guess what I’m looking for is to be pointed in the right direction – How does she find investors and financing to make it possible to get the help that she needs? Are investors always going to want equity, or is there anything else she can offer? Until she can get an accountant, what are some good budgeting tools so she can manage her finances on her own? How does she get past this block she’s dealing with so she can grow? She’s frustrated and I’ve reminded her that this is still a very new business, two years is not a long time. I’m happy to provide more information about her business over DMs. Whatever you need to know. I’m sorry if this is poorly worded, I’m not the business owner and I’m doing my best to convey the info accurately. I’ve been involved in her business since the very beginning, I know the ins and outs of it and I’m the only person she has trusted with that information. I’m proud of how far she HAS come and I want to do what I can to do this research for her so she can focus on the thousand other things she needs to do. – by /hq/Occasional_Cupcake – –

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