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  • Getting employees to feel comfortable approaching you with problems/questions/confusion?

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  • Charles

    September 26, 2019 at 1:47 pm

    Running a small office (5 employees) and we’ve been doing pretty well so far, work-wise, but noticed something. Two of my employees seem to be very hesitant to approach me when they’re confused about something (or if they are unable to finish an important project on time), and it’ starting to cause some problems. For the first, I approached her when a prior project wasn’t finished timely and I had to salvage the situation with our client. Afterward, let her know to tell me if she’s behind so I can step in and help get the work done in time. But we just had a situation today where I didn’t realize until the last minute that another project wasn’t finished timely. No major problem, but I still had to pull some last minute hustling to salvage the situation. For the second, she’s a new hire. She’s got a great attitude and is enthusiastic, but I can tell she is very nervous about approaching me in general. I caught a problem and tried to explain our system so she understands it better, but saw the nervousness in her demeanor and how flustered she became. I go out of my way to be a “cool” boss and don’t micro-manage, have never shouted at or been disrespectful to any of them, do things to make them comfortable (free lunch Fridays, don’t make a big deal if they come in a few minutes late, so long as they make up the time at the end of the day, etc) and remind them regularly that they should feel free to approach me if they’re uncertain about anything work related. This works great for three of my employees (who have from time to time come to me for help/clarification/etc), but these two other employees still seem scared to approach me for even little things. Any suggestions on how to handle this? All they have to do is literally just ask me for help or clarification. They’re also both very capable. The first came to me from another office where the boss was very abusive, so I can sort of understand, but she’s been here long enough to understand how that’s not her situation now. Just trying to figure the best way to resolve this issue here. – by hq overview Juan_dayatatime – –

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