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  • David

    October 14, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    I currently have a job at a non-profit where my official title is “Volunteer Coordinator” but I spend a good 70% of my time doing marketing and public relations stuff, along with planning events, running drives (back to school, thanksgiving, etc), designing flyers, designing and writing newsletters, managing our social media and managing our website. I’ve found that I really enjoy doing all of that stuff and would love to do it as my official job, rather than just stuff my boss throws at me because no one else can do it. How would I go about applying for those kinds of jobs though? Nothing in my official job title or job description says anything about all of that extra stuff I do. How do I prove that I have the experience (2 years) and ability to someone hiring for a marketing or public relations position? Is my best bet to get copies of all of the projects I’ve done and put together a portfolio? How do I get someone to even look at my portfolio if my resume gets thrown out from the start because I don’t appear to have the right kind of experience? Long term, Id love to be able to work from home doing this stuff. How do I set myself up so that I will be able to work from home in a few years? What should I start working on now to make that goal a reality a few years down the road? Edit- wanted to add info about a project I did a few months back: my boss decided she wanted to have a radio ad and it was my job to make it happen. I wrote, recorded, and edited the whole ad (it sounded awesome when finished!) and got a local radio station to agree to run it for free multiple times a day for over 3 months. I LOVED this project and I’m thinking maybe the audio file could be part of my portfolio too? – by hq overview noone684900 – –

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