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  • Giving away my ecommerce store – was doing 40k/mo, now doing 500-1k/mo

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  • Christine

    October 28, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    [Mods – please reach out to me if this post is problematic. I would love to provide verification if necessary!] Hello all! I am looking for someone to take over my drop shipping store. I know, this sounds like it’s a scam, but it really isn’t. The store is in bad shape, but someone with the time and skillset to utilize the resources (email list, loaded FB pixel, etc) that we have acquired with this shop (talk about these below) can really turn this shop around. Here’s a bit about the store: We primarily drive traffic through an algorithm that my partner created. The algorithm scrapes user information from Instagram, then invites them to our ambassador program. I would say 90%+ people who order from our store have discovered us through this program. We have 200k+ people on this email list that we have not done any cross-promotion/email marketing with it. Here’s a screenshot of our revenue since inception: Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 7.39.05 AM.png (324K) Revenue has been steadily decreasing. Why? We did not innovate on our ambassador program (no time, was in university when I created this store). My partner and I still don’t have time to innovate on this, as I am co-founding a startup and he is a full-time software engineer. Instagram has changed *a lot* over these past 3 years, and an ambassador program such as ours is not as powerful as it once used to be. I am trying to give this store away quickly as I have just been recruited to another startup’s founding team and just don’t have to time of day for this store. Note: We have 3 VAs that worked on this store for 2+ years. All three of them are VERY hard working, know drop shipping like it’s their middle name, and have done everything for me over the years. Processing orders through Oberlo, responding to PayPal claims, posting and scheduling social media posts, answering customer support emails. They’ve done it all. It took me a while to find three hardworking assistants that had the smarts and integrity it takes to work online. Honestly, I went through 7 other people before I found these three hardworking contractors. I would *love* to give you their information so that you can work with them once I give you the store. Also, I have probably 20k+ words worth of docs written on managing the store (i.e guidelines on posting to Instagram, how to process orders, etc). I will also happily transfer all that info for you to use. Some possibilities for expansion/good points: Create an outreach campaign for the 200k people we have on the ambassador program email list Set up retargeting ads – we have a very well-aged FB pixel Be more active on our Instagram account (15k followers) + try different ways to monetize it Liabilities to consider: We have a 2.7k loan that we are paying off for Shopify Capital We have many unprocessed orders (100+) Currently, we are doing about 500-1k/mo in revenue – a far cry from the 40k we were doing at our peak. If you’re interested, please feel free to DM me! 🙂 – by hq overview brockielove – –

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