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  • Good options for emulating safari on Iphone.

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  • BusinessMag

    January 11, 2021 at 2:49 pm

    I’m relatively new to web development and I primarily code and devolpe my apps in vscode on a Linux distribution. I test using Google’s dev tools, using it to try and emulate different mobile devices and browsers. When it comes to Safari, however, and especially the mobile version on iPhones, there are always tons of bugs. Most revolve around CSS and I think a lot of them would probably be fixed if I get better at using vendor prefixes And maybe a more robust normalize.css file. That being said, it would be wonderful if I could actually see what my site is going to look like on those devices without owning one. At the moment I don’t own an Iphone and I just have my friends who do, look at my apps. There are always problems and I can’t really fix them because it’s hard to text somebody 800 times saying “does it work now?” I looked at a few options online for emulation and things like this, but I’m not sure which are good. Everybody seems to want subscription fees which I wouldn’t be opposed to (though I guess at this point I should just buy an iPhone right? If I had the money…). I think I’ve also heard people mention that there are services that actually run your code on a physical iPhone, not an emulation. What what are some recommendations for the best options people have found?
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