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  • (HashTags) Sacrificing High Post Numbers VS. Engagement Rates

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  • Teddy

    October 25, 2019 at 2:47 pm

    (I know I’m going to get bashed for asking but i just need to solidify it with someone other than myself)

    Okay. Social Media marketing with Hashtags.

    (A) Say 1 Hashtag has 3M posts, and is popular, but the engagements are terrible. At a rate of like 20 (comments/likes)

    (B) Whereas the other hashtag has 500K, but the engagement rate is at around 70.

    Would the value of Impressions of the high numbered post hashtag be more or less beneficial than that of higher engagement hashtag of the smaller one?

    I feel like the answer is going to be “smaller number, high engagements, much better” but the number of something so high as 3M is also a reasonable counter-sway to saying “that’s a lot of impressions and people”

    Can someone weigh in on this?

    (Background: Ive been for a while throwing hashtags willy nilly out of “what pops in my head, and is relevantly popular” without actually caring too much about the ratio of comments & likes. I thought that if i put popular ((high posting)) relevant hashtags, that it would be better because it’s relevant, and there’s a lot of people in that area. Recently a fellow hq overviewor made a website that looked up stats about hashtags, and says “here’s what is its likes/hour comments/hour posts/hour postAllTime” and a lot of more statistical aspects of it. I decided to use this guys website, i enjoyed the layout, and a lot of other people did as well, but still in Beta. So after saving his post, i used the site, and found relevant hashtags similar to ones I’ve been using. I was comparing the numbers and saw that HashtagA I’ve been using had a very high number of 3M posts BUT! Has shitty engagements. Whereas the other one, HashtagB had not as much posts, but much higher engagement ratios. I’ve already made my post with the hashtags that were fine “safe” numbers for both engagements & postings, and i got very conflicted over the obvious question that i doubted myself so hard i don’t know if the answer is as clear as it really is. ImpressionsSmallerAudience? I’ve thought it so hard through that i need someone else to essentially state the obvious to me. I’m not trying to get bashed, i just need to stop this conflict I’m having over such a simple answer…… it’s HashTagB right?)

    Thank you! Again, sorry for such a beginner question 😔

    – by hq overview Branflakes-

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