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  • Have this cool idea! Not sure about it and need help with product validation. Please help me out!!

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  • Charles

    October 25, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    Hello, all the beautiful people! I have this idea of creating a sleek and modern men’s wallet brand using a unique and unusual material. It’s a leather alternative, NOT vegan leather nor vegetable-tanned leather. I did some market research, and I found some brands using this material to make men’s wallets. Some brands use this material to create other fashion accessories such as women’s bags, backpacks, shoes, belts, etc. (some make clothing out of it). My question here is: Does it mean I just stumbled upon a great opportunity since there are not a lot of competitors? Even though it isn’t typical for now, I think it can be the next big thing. As an advocate of sustainability, I see that more people are starting to care about it. This makes me believe that the sustainable market will skyrocket (Ex: sustainable fashion is gaining popularity). With that said, half of my gut is telling me that whatever I am wanting to do will work. But the other half of my gut is also telling me that it’s something that I need to be careful of because it may also mean that the demand is not there. Also, most of the sustainable brands target women. I found recent articles and researches mention that there is a discrepancy of sensitivity toward sustainability between men and women. Not that men don’t care about sustainability, just that women tend to care more and get the most attention from marketers. With that said, will create a sustainable brand targets men a good idea or there is a lack of market share that makes it not worth doing? What do you think? Would you be willing to pay $50 – $120 (approximately) for a wallet that is: + leather/vegan leather/vegetable-tanned leather alternative + ethically sourced, socially responsible and low environmental impact + 90% biodegradable (10% of the base material is not) + sustainable + PETA approved I appreciate your honest feedback! – by hq overview 10ZR0 – –

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