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  • Having problems with my online advertising

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  • Katie

    September 28, 2021 at 12:13 pm

    My shop is primarily online retail, and I follow Seth Godin’s “build a tribe” marketing philosophy. I’ve been doing Facebook ads targeted to my ideal customer demographic (tribe) for the past couple years, and they’ve been working as my sales were steadily climbing…. until about June where they began to sag and are now on a downward trend. I believe this is happening because, as per an email from Facebook Business some time ago, Apple changed something in their advertising policies that impacted FB ads. To compensate for this, I’m trying to switch over to Google ads. This is like my fourth attempt at using Google ads and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I have yet to figure them out (I was able to figure out how to do FB ads on my own). Google ads and analytics just makes me feel sooo stupid and overwhelmed. Okay, feelings aside, let’s dig into details and questions. I used to have a Google tag correctly set up on my website (hosted via Shopify), but they recently changed the way their tags work so I’m trying to install a new tag. I can’t get the damned thing to verify and can’t figure out if I did it wrong. So that’s one question. Another question is a bit more philosophical perhaps: Can I do the same kind of “build a tribe” targeting a demographic marketing with Google, or is it entirely just search keywords? From everything I’ve read it seems you can do either or both. But then, everything I read seems so generic that I can’t figure out how to correctly configure my ads to target the way I want them to. So after my tag is fixed, I guess ad targeting is my next question. The third question is about Google analytics. Again, I’ve attempted to configure this several times and every time I just get overwhelmed and drop it. Google Academy classes might be great for people learning to be advertising professionals, but I find them way too generic to help me with my specific business. I’ve learned the basics, sure. But again… overwhelmed. I don’t want gold-plated reports with all the bells and whistles, just something basic. And above all this, I don’t want to (and can’t afford) hire a marketing consultant to do all this for me. Does anybody do short term contracts to help people like me solve these kinds of problems, just get set up so I can then manage it all myself? If so, how do I find those people? Oh, I just thought of another question: If Google ads aren’t ideal for tribe marketing, what is better? I know of the successful case study of Trader Joe’s and their newsletter. That’s a possibility but I’m not sure I can replicate that success. Anybody want to just discuss? – by /hq/JcWoman – –

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