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  • Healthy food industry, any expert?

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  • David

    October 30, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    Hey everyone, I have a business idea that keeps coming up in my head and I decided to start collecting few key points from scratch, or what we call the “core business idea”. The idea came up in my head because I love being in shape and we all know that 70% of being in shape other than hitting the gym is having a proper diet. Where I live (population roughly of 1.6 mil people) there are no place where you can eat proper fit-healthy food. What I mean for fit-healthy food is a good portion of food well balanced between all the macros, so carbs – fat – protein and green. So it’s clear the business will be in the food industry and it’s about the planning and delivery of healthy food meals. Other than ordering via app on day by day basis we will also do weekly plans and deliver the food fresh cooked to your address. I think starting with “delivery only” restaurant is the less cost consuming way to get to know what your limits are and adjusting the aim based on the feedbacks of your client. The plan is not to start cooking directly from zero to hero, but making a minimum viable product thanks to my co founder which is a qualified personal trainer in a well known gym here. So this means starting very slow by taking care of the first 5 to 10 customers. I have plenty of ideas on how to make all this scalable in many ways, I know it is nothing innovative or either a tech startup but most of the time all the articles and books i’ve read tell the same thing to me “find a problem and solve it”. Do you guys have suggestion or weakness to point out? Does any of you have any experience with food industry in general and what piece of advice would you give to me? Thank you in advance for your feedback! Everything is appreciated. – by hq overview ekheeQ – –

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