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  • Teddy

    October 27, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    I have been stalked and harassed by someone who works in the Instagram office, they’ve been invading my privacy, deleting my pages and greatly impacting my income which is mostly based off of Instagram.

    As we all know, followers are currency in this current day and age. I’m trying to figure out who’s doing this, and why. I have tried every avenue in terms of contacting someone from Instagram, like an actual person, to no avail for the last six months.

    I had reached out to Instagram multiple times about men harassing me with pictures of their private parts to no avail.

    I finally reach 5K and I continuously got a dm from a man who was sexually harassing me by way of sending pictures that I did not ask for. After contacting Instagram and not getting a response, I decided to post the picture on my story.

    They saw that!!!! And decided that my Instagram should be deleted instead of penalizing the culprit.

    Instagram now works on a violation system and they send you a notice of the violations. They give you an option to review them, which is total BS. I had a few picture related violations but not enough for my page to get deleted so what they did was, they violated my privacy and read my DM‘s and then issued violations for DM‘s.

    Crazy, right? They issued just enough for my page to be deleted.

    I had to make a whole new Instagram, where I am experiencing the same over monitoring and the same violation of privacy in the form of them reading my DM‘s. But this time, anyone that sends me a penis picture (eith permission lol) or any type of nudity, anything sexual… they remove them as a follower and make it so that they can’t view my page anymore…… I guess they are trying to be funny with my last complaint.

    Please help

    Miss Cheeks

    – by hq overview MISSCHEEKS23

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