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  • Help + Advice Needed: Not sure if I’m actually Marketing?

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  • Tammy

    November 19, 2020 at 12:59 am

    Hi all, I’m new to marketing(?) I got a job as a marketing coordinator at a gaming company right out of college 3 months ago. It was basically a dream job.. but I’m realizing it might now be for me. In college I ran several gaming/esports clubs, interned for 2 esports teams for events and community management which I thought gave me a lot of experience. However, now that I’m in this job I realize that I don’t think I know anything about marketing. I’m tasked with creating marketing plans but I am not really sure what I’m doing. Everything I turn into my boss gets okayed, but I just really don’t understand if I’m doing it correctly. I feel like I mostly come up with posts, create copy, and come up with ideas for campaigns. But after researching on my own I see that SEO exists and a lot of other technical skills my geography major didn’t teach me about. However, whenever I ask my current company for advice, it seems like no one (even the dept I work for) seems to know what they’re doing or has examples to tell me what a plan should look like (for their company) and how we’ve crafted strategy in the past. It’s been really stressful, and honestly, I don’t really think this field is for me. I hate having little direction and feeling like a fish out of water. Everyone says I’m doing a good job, but I just don’t think I’m actually doing anything- and I have a really hard time analyzing data deeply/ finding efficient ways to track it. But considering I’m only 3 months in and I don’t really have any other options, I plan to stay here for at least 3-6 more months before I decide to try and change paths. I also think it might be better if better leadership in the dept is brought on? But who knows- I’ve just decided I can’t stay at a job that perpetually stresses me out for more than a year. A few questions I wanted some feedback on: I’m going to start to study google analytics courses this weekend, but is there anything else I should prioritize to learn? Additionally, if I come out of this job with little practical marketing skills (and mostly social) does this mean I’ve wasted time/ will find it harder to find future employment? And does this mean I’m going to be stuck in the field of marketing going forward/ it will be hard to transfer into other roles? – by /hq/Solopupper – –

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