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  • Help! How do I market my saas product?

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  • Christine

    September 12, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    I don’t know if this is the right sub, but I figured I’d start here since CEO’s/CMO’s are who I generally work with. My company does web dev for companies in Cambodia. Our current clients are mostly tourism based hotels. One of the difficult things about Cambodia is that stripe/paypal/major payment gateways are not accepted here. If you have a Cambodian bank account, you cannot use these services… you must use the local banks version, ABA Bank which is fine for small clients. However, their payment gateway is not PCI-DSS compliant (read: not secure), does not accept amex, and is generally not something I would personally recomend relying on if you are a large business at scale. SO! We’ve decided we are going to make a solution like or … basically, we still use stripe, which is a secure gateway. We pipe that through a US LLC bank account, and then automatically do an international transfer back to a Cambodia bank account via ACH. There are tax and fees associated with this, which brings me to my next question: How do I present this situation to a marketer? I’ve never been one for sales… I need to say that in addition to the normal 3%ish stripe charges per transaction, I now need to add an additional amount of fees to cover the international transfer and service costs. Fees from transferwise are documented, and I could provide that as a strait passthrough. What I’m concerned about is paying for the development of that automation, and maintenance of that operation on going. Something like a 2-3% service fee which goes towards us would be ideal, as it allows us to operate at scale with the business. However, I understand that may be hard to swallow. 6% on every transaction may be a lot to swallow for a marketer while also making it look like I’m trying to take a cut. I wrote a basic email out here, does this make you scoff? Feel comfortable? PS. in the hotel world it is very common to pay travel agents 10-20% commision per booking, so the concept of pay per booking is not foreign… perhaps position it that way? Thank you! Comment – by hq overview tankyspanky – –

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