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  • Charles

    November 4, 2019 at 12:47 am

    Hi! Recently I started thinking about how slow business computers in college, in my gym, my friends company, etc are (I live in latin america btw). They usually take about 5 minutes just to turn on and be usable. My college professors get angry at the computers all the time because of how slow they are. One of my passions is building computers, and I know how to build one cheaply and with good performance. I checked out my college computers today, and they have like 1x4GB of RAM, an extremely outdated i3 and a turtle slow HD. The thing is, I think they’re probably paying a lot for this, when they could be buying custom computers with SSDs and at least 8GB for about the same price or even less. Almost all business computers here are from Dell, and I would like to know why – I know it’s probably because of warranty, pricing, installation, support etc. But I can’t see why new companies aren’t emerging to build custom solutions for businesses – with excellent performing computers for less $, since now more than ever new businesses, like startups, need better computers (I’m not talking about servers and cloud technology). I think I could build custom computers for these business according to their needs, and deliver great performance with the use of updated processors, SSDs and a good amount of RAM – even “cheap” graphics cards today are quite good. I’ve seen Dell’s prices, and they’re expensive – but I think that has to do with offering 5 years of warranty and etc. I know a lot of businesses just want to buy the computers and not have to worry for 5 years, but I’m shure there are companies out there wanting truly great computers, and they shouldn’t have to pay that much for it. I would like to validate my idea, since I don’t know a lot about this market (of selling computers B2B), any insights will be appreciated, thanks! – I’ll leave the classic ‘I’m sorry for my english, it’s not my native language!’ – by hq overview BlakeAlong – –

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