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    July 16, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    Hi all! I am new to this reddit and would really like some insight on what I should be doing in the next few years to advance my career in the general direction I hope for. So I am one year out of college. I earned my BA in Communications with a focus on digital media and I moved to the big city near where I am from (aka Boston). Once in Boston I got a shitty sales job while I hunted for my “career” and in April landed a gig at a successful startup as Project Coordinator which has been great so far! The pay is amazing for me being right out of school and the company is great to work for and growing. I basically am in charge of working with customers to get them implemented with my companies product. So here is the thing. I really want to work in the digital marketing realm or even somewhere like the product team I think. I have always wanted to work with branding/social media/customer marketing. I would ideally one day like to be a manager is this realm as well. So I am looking at master’s programs to leverage my way more into the digital media realm. I do have a social media marketing internship on my resume that I did for a year in college. My current role can help me on the consumer side of it, but I figured a masters will hopefully help close the gap on my resume for me to make the jump closer to the field I want to be in. Which type of masters should I be looking at? MS in Marketing, MS in Brand Strategy, MBA and focus on digital marketing, or another? Any advice is very much appreciated! – by /u/blaze11795 hq overview

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