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  • SocialKings

    August 31, 2021 at 4:23 pm

    Hello, a while ago I was doing some research for a piece on technocracy, and a few major points were tied into some of the companies who were developing and implementing strategies to monitor violence and extremism (particularly images of terrorist attacks) on social media. This was a while ago. I since have been distracted by other things, and I seem to have lost my research. I would so greatly appreciate anyone listing some of these companies for me. I know they’re public, obviously, but searching for them conventionally is bogged down with semi-related results. I remember some vague points: ​ 1) One of the companies was fairly new. They had a non-binary (I believe) employee who had written an article on the topic for a mid-sized media outlet. It was, at the time, (a year ago at most,) one of three articles they had posted for that outlet and others collectively. 2) OF PARTICULAR INTEREST, there was a much more established company that boasted about two decades of collaboration with the United States Executive Branch, or rather with the Presidents and their respective cabinets for four or so terms. They had paid subscriptions to data, but had some sparse free reports of more “modern” forms of terrorism, (Anarchism, neo-nazi, boogaloo I think, etc.) However, I found a link to an older section of the website that was full of information on Islamic terrorism in the middle east, seemingly dealing with incidents that effected the US military in particular. 3) Also of great interest, there was an organization, possibly the first mentioned, that had sitting members who had worked in either military or security dealings for the UN and/or US at a high level. 4) A decent few of the websites I ran into were sketchy, like those sites that get propped up to look official for some reason or another, but give very little information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know that I recorded these things, but I have no idea where that all went. I’ll continue looking on my own, as well as trying to uncover my previous research, but again, with the ongoing interest in both political extremism and social media monitoring, the waters are pretty muddy. ​ Thank you in advance to anyone who even takes the time to read this! – by /hq/Offlite – –

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