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  • David

    September 13, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    Hi everyone, I’m a fresh marketing graduate who was just hired by a small family business as their marketing coordinator but basically, I’m a one man marketing team for them. I just need advice on how to further help their struggling business (and I want to do good by them, they’re good people and they have a great business that just needs a bit of resurrection) Business Background: They’re a small child care center that’s struggling financially and are in debt. They had a previous marketing guy who made them go into deeper debt because he made them spend so much (new mascots, flyers, etc) and it had 0 results. They want to reinvigorate their marketing (it’s terrible, from what i’ve seen) at a reasonable cost in order to have new clients (parents). They have three main sources of revenue: Playground – parents come in and pay to be able to use the indoor playground they have. The parents have to supervise their kids on the playground and no staff except the receptionist is keeping an eye on them (i find this troubling and confusing tbh) Birthday Parties – Since they have big space and a play area for kids, during the weekends, they host children’s parties for a cost. They offer different packages and have three rooms for the parties. People can rent either the whole venue (which includes the playground) or just a room (which leaves other people to use the playground). This used to be their main source of revenue Daycare – they recently became licensed by the ministry of education to have a day care. It’s only been going on for five weeks but the business has such a small number of participants Problems Outdated Website – their website lacks any information and looks like it was created by a blind twelve year old. They did this site themselves and did the best they could. Fortunately, they own the domain. No / declining customers – They used to have around 30+ birthday parties a month, now they’re lucky if they have 18. The day care only has five kids, but they have a capacity of 34. Unused resources – the previous marketing guy that they had made them buy mascots that were never used because no one was interested in them. I was thinking of maybe using and taking advantage of those There are probably more problems that I forgot but would edit them in Goals Increase day care customers Increase monthly birthday parties Increase playground usage Solutions / Ideas I still don’t have a big picture marketing plan that can work for them as of the moment, but I’m racking up my brain for ideas. For now, I do have some small ideas that can help them that I’m hoping will be part of a big picture marketing plan that I’ll think of. Website – this part is covered since I can make it look decent for them. I’m just gonna make it look professional, set up SEO, and I think they should be good to go. They have lots of positive google reviews since they’re good at what they do Free trial and referral programs for daycare – So i was thinking to get customers in through the door, get them to have their kids try out the day care program for free for a week, get the parents to observe, and then follow up with the parents after Not much ideas for birthday parties yet. So any help, ideas, comments, and suggestions would be appreciated. I really want to help them succeed! – by hq overview dbmangrobiii – –

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