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  • BusinessMag

    November 24, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    Hi All, I started working for a CCTV company about 6 months ago as a IT Service tech and because im the only IT I get tasked with literally anything remotely within the IT workspace. Currently I’m trying to build a electronic service form accessible over the Web, I have a majority of the form working (minus bugs here and there that aren’t too much of a big deal). One thing I’m having issues with is implementing 2 Signature fields within the service form that are compatible with mobile devices, i have successfully implemented a field that works over a desktop computer with a mouse and I have successfully posted the fields to my webserver. My experience in JavaScript is a big fat nothing, I’m trying to learn it but it just doesn’t stick. The signature pad I implemented was a sample code found on the web (Before you scold me i know, i just want this service form to work lol) Information on the front and backend are as follows: Front End: HTML, CSS, Java script ​ Back End: Python – Running flask webserver. ​ ​ Currently the workflow of the service form is: Tech Fills out service form -> Service form is posted to the webserver -> webserver builds a PDF Document -> Webserver emails PDF to Admin ​ More than happy to post my codes and what not but don’t want to bog down this post and waste peoples time with it as I’m a complete noob to web dev and my code isn’t the neatest right now. – by /hq/Iron_Quail – –

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