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  • Hoping one of you wonderful people can offer some advice.

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  • David

    October 28, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    Info about me: I work part time as a 1099 employee. Job title: Pesticide Application. Goal: obtain more clients. If I source my own clients I make 75% of the total bill. 50% if the source comes from my ” employer”. Two major issues at the moment are (1. “Employer” just started up the business and has limited jobs to pass on to me. This is fine as I’m here to make his job easier while also making money outside of my current full-time job. (2. I’m finding it hard to market myself since I don’t own the company and can’t really make ads without giving my leads to the owner. He gave me my own business cards, which is great, but not very efficient. I have yards signs, which don’t do much at all. So, I’m stuck at a standstill and need some advice on how to find leads through my own sources. I run our Facebook page, but I find it to cost more than the customers I get out of it. We have a website that has both of our information, but just his phone number (I get it, he owns the company). This has the potential to turn into my full-time job and the goal is to get to that point. Anything helps and if I posted in the wrong subhq overview, I apologise. Thanks in advance. – by hq overview StupidBeardedGiraffe – –

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