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  • How can I do market research for a very niche product?

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  • Christine

    October 30, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    Don’t sell a product, sell a solution to a problem. So, I decided to build and manufacture a piece of bondage equipment; essentially, its a coffee table/bench that transforms into a sex swing, with a wide variety of positions in between. The problem this solves is that, in America, 30% of the population is into BDSM, but very few have the room or money for a dungeon or “Red room”, not to mention the majority of the bondage furniture currently on the market is big, bulky, garish, and obvious. My design is very discreet and covers most BDSM setups (horse, chair, spreaders, stirrups, St Andrews Cross), all while being small enough and elegant enough to openly display, without raising kinky questions from children/visitors. The issue I’m having is how to effectively conduct market research and see how viable a product this could be. Ive done an extensive online search for similar products and can honestly say there is literally nothing like this on the market, and products that are similar seem to sell mostly to people who do have a dungeon set-up. My target demographic would be middle class, sex positive men and women with small homes and perhaps even families, who enjoy the bdsm lifestyle, but dont have space for traditional dungeons. How do I research this? – by hq overview SinSlayer – –

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