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  • How can I marry these systems and better automate our e-commerce workflow?

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  • Charles

    September 13, 2019 at 4:49 pm

    I work at an SMB, close enough to the owner that I can make suggestions on systems and procedures. The business is mostly website and phone sales, selling semi-modular wine cellars and racking. We recently upgraded to a more modern website (WordPress, I believe), and are using a lot of disconnected systems to go through the process of design (Autodesk and Sketchup, saved on a local server), proposal (InDesign, aforementioned 3d software, & Google sheets), sales (PipeDrive and WooCommerce) shipping/tracking (Ship Station), and accounting (I think Quickbooks). ​ I know that by having all of these disconnected systems, we’re much less efficient than we should be. Is there a system, software, combination of plugins, etc that could help marry all of these things in a more intuitive, less wasteful way? Asking for my own quality of life as a cog in the machine. Disclaimer to go along with that – I’m not an operations guy and don’t necessarily know the ins & outs of all of the different departments. ​ I know that this is a potentially complicated answer, especially if you don’t know our exact process, but I figured I would ask the broad question first to see if there’s an obvious answer that we just aren’t aware of and don’t know how to look for. I feel like the scope of a potential solution may very well be outside that of a simple reply, depending on what our goals are. However, I would be incredibly grateful towards anybody who might be able to help us even just figure out the right questions to ask to tackle this. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to offer some ideas. – by hq overview realitysyndicate – –

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