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  • How Content Marketing/Blogging Can Promote Your Business or Brand

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  • Tammy

    September 16, 2019 at 8:18 pm

    Value and Trust. Imagine this scenario. You’re planning on buying a Piano. Scenario 1: Website that offers Pianos. Just a sales page, some details about the product, checkout etc. Scenario 2: Website that offers Pianos, BUT they have a bunch of articles about how to tune a Piano, how a beginner can play like a pro, or how to maintain a Piano so it lasts an extra 15 years. Which website would you buy from? Like most people, it’s scenario two. Why? They add value, they’re not just about selling you a piano, but offering you something first. By teaching you about the product and supplementary aspects(how to maintain it), they also appear as an expert. Being an expert is key. That’s why you go to a doctor who went to school for years and not some no body trying to give you medical advice. The second reason is Trust. You wouldn’t just ask someone to marry you after a first date, I mean you could, but it wouldn’t work really well. Every blog post or email you send out is like going on a coffee date, nothing serious, and they can leave anytime. So as they read your blog, they see if you’re a real person and not some scammer and to see if you really know how to solve their problem. That’s why blogs are so important. They add value, make you seem like an expert AND They Build Trust As you grow your blog, you’ll start getting more natural leads through SEO and it’ll help you grow even more. As long as you’re offering high quality material Don’t be overwhelmed if you’re just starting out. They key is to just start. Don’t hoard knowledge thinking you can sell it. Share the knowledge and you’ll get more ideas coming to you. – by hq overview ChillinGillin23 – –

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